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HeaterFix is Australia’s premier site for all your pool and spa heating solutions. We stock one of the most comprehensive ranges of pool heaters and spa heaters, parts and accessories. Whether your looking to find a heater part to get your pool heater back up and running or your looking to upgrading and purchasing one of the newer heaters models for your pool, we have them here, we can help.

We know that there’s nothing worst than having a swimming pool or spa just sitting there and not being used. Remember when you purchased it, the hole family was going to enjoy it but now it just sits there because the waters too cold for the kids, for the wife or for even you for that matter.

Now it’s never been easier to heat your pool or spa. Utilizing the very latest in technologies has seen the typical pilot lit heater transform into a super efficient mobile controlled device. Swimming pool heat pumps are the most popular choice of heater at the moment. We are seeing this type of pool heating system taking over from the usual solar pool heating and gas pool heaters. Their efficiency and ease of operation which can be controlled easily from your smart phone in the palm of your hand makes them the number one heater on the market today.

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The benefits of a pool heat pump.

Pool heat pumps are the latest innovation in heating systems for pools and spas. This technology produces up to 6.57kW of heat with every 1kw of electricity used, no other heating system can do this! This makes them super efficient with a very low operating cost. Similar to an air conditioner these heaters pull the heat from the ambient air and transfers it into the pool water. Heat pumps are great affordable heating system that can easily keep your pool at a specific temperature all year round.

For a domestic pool heat pump system you’ll be looking at pricing between $1900 and $7000. There’s many sizes to choose from so one ofΒ  the most important parts about purchasing one of these heaters is to make sure you get a pool heating evaluation carried out, to correctly size the right heat pump for your pool.

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GAS Pool Heaters

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Choosing the right gas pool heater.

Gas pool heaters have been around for years. The reason these are popular is they’re able to heat water up quickly, quicker than any other heating system. The other benefit is if you love to swim you can heat the pool all year round to enjoy the pool. Heater manufactures have really stepped up the game with gas heating. With their eco-friendly models, they now deliver a cost effective gas heater that even reduces it’s own carbon foot print.

Gas pool heaters come standard with cupro nickle heat exchanges, electronic ignition, digital thermostat controls and even remote touch pad controls and smartphones.

If your looking for a heater that you can use all year round and want something thats going to heat up quickly then consider a gas pool heater

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