• EVOHEAT Heat Pumps
    EVOHeat Heat Pumps
    EVOHeat Pool & Spa Heat Pumps. Fusion - Force - DHP-R Series - CS Series - CS GEN2 Series
  • Fairland Heat Pumps
    Fairland Heat Pumps
    Premium Swimming Pool Heat Pumps IPH35 - IPH100
  • MasterTemp Gas Pool Heaters
    MasterTemp Gas Pool Heaters
    Pentair's MasterTemp Gas Pool Heaters 125mj - 400mj

    Save up to 10%

    It's winter and now's the time to install a new heater and get your pool ready for Spring. Take the chill off and get the whole family in the pool. Enquire today and SAVE with our top of the range of pool heaters. We'll have you swimming in no time


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Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifiers

We all know how great is is to have an indoor pool or to visit your local indoor swimming pool center, for leisure, exercise, swimming lessons or to just spend time with the family. It’s great until that damp chlorine smell hits you in the face! This can be most evident when visiting indoor public […]

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EvoHeat Heat Pumps – Super Efficient Heating

You have bought your pool for many reasons…exercise, entertainment, family fun and maybe even for therapeutic reasons. But even in warm climates, you have probably discovered that some days, your pool is just too cold to swim in! How do you deal with this? Well, this is exactly where pool heat pumps can come in […]

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Why is a Pool Heat Pump the Best Pool Heating System?

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any home. To enjoy your pool fully, however, it is important to make sure you have a pool heating system in place to keep the water warm even when the outside temperature starts to drop. While you may not want to plunge into the pool in the middle […]

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HeaterFix is Australia’s premier site for all your pool and spa heating solutions. We stock one of the most comprehensive ranges of pool and spa heaters, parts and accessories. Whether your looking to find your heater part to get your heater back up and running or your looking to upgrade and purchase one of the latest heaters for your pool, we have them here, we can help.

We know that there’s nothing worst than having a swimming pool or spa just sitting there and not being used. Remember when you purchased it, the hole family was going to enjoy it but now it just sits there because the waters too cold for the kids, for the wife or for even you for that matter.

Now it’s never been easier to heat your pool or spa. Swimming pool heat pumps are the most popular choice of heater. They are taking the place of solar pool heating and gas heaters. Their efficiency and ease of operation makes them the  number one heater on the market today.