All About Spa Heaters

All about spas

All About Spa Heaters

More and more people are realizing the therapeutic benefits of spas, the combination of warm water and massaging jets makes a spa the ultimate in relaxation. I can just feel the stress melting away listening to that. It is true but theres a few things you also need to be aware of like what about the spa heater, is it the right size spa heater, what will the heat up time be, how much will it cost to run per week, whats the spa heater warranty? These are all things you need to consider when purchasing a spa. The last thing you want to do is forget these important things because its easily done whilst court up in the emotion of the purchase.

See below we give you some good information on the different types of spa heater that are available.

Spa Heaters


Chances are if you’ve come across our Spa Heaters webpage your either looking at getting your spa heater repaired or your looking for a price on a new spa heater? Either way you’ve come to the right place. You see we’ve been servicing and replacing spa heaters for the past 20 years so we’d like to think we know a little bit about them.

We’ve seen just about all types of spa heaters. Here’s some brands you may recognize. Read the full review here


Spa Gas Heaters

Gas heating is the fastest and most economical way to heat you spa. The Hurlcon Spa Heaters HX70 or HX120 series provide a low cost solution to the task of spa and pool heating along with a range of impressive features… Read The Full Review!

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Electric Spa Heaters

Over the last 15 years the increased popularity of portable spas has lead heater manufactures to rethink and innovate the common spa heater. From the first basic inception to the now fully programmable digitalised spa side touch-pad control system that incorporates not only the heating aspect of the spa but all the spa features right down to service reminders that will be sent to your mobile phone. Truly amazing stuff. Stay tuned for our full rundown on electric spa heaters… “Coming Soon”

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Solar Spa Heating

Solar Spa Heating, is it right for you? Using the free energy of the sun to heat your spa is obviously the cheapest way to heat the spa but that’s really it. You see solar heating is great on a pool but not that great on a spa because spas are mainly used all year round, in the ….. Read the full Solar Spa Heating review here!

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