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Why Installing a Pool Heat Pump in a Shed is a BAD Idea

Why its a bad idea to install a pool heat pump in a shed

Why Installing a Pool Heat Pump in a Shed is a BAD Idea! Pool heat pumps are an invaluable addition for pool owners looking to extend their swimming seasons. They efficiently heat the water, ensuring comfort even during the colder months. However, installing a pool heat pump in a shed or any confined space can […]

Pool Heat Pump Buyers Guide


When it comes to extending your pool swimming season without burning a hole in the pocket a pool heat pump is the perfect pool heating system! They are fast becoming the must have pool heating system for Australia pool owners. These yield less operational costs and work best in maintaining the desired temperature, regardless of […]

Why is a Pool Heat Pump the Best Pool Heating System?

why is a pool heat pump the best pool heating system

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any home. To enjoy your pool fully, however, it is important to make sure you have a pool heating system in place to keep the water warm even when the outside temperature starts to drop. While you may not want to plunge into the pool in the middle […]