Hurlcon Gas Heater F2 Error


Hurlcon Gas Heater F2 Error Solution Guide

Is your hurlcon heater displaying an F2 error? Don’t stress it’s generally not a huge problem and it is quite normal for this to happen. Below we explore the F2 error, what is it, why does it happen and how to fix it. This hurlcon gas heater F2 error solutions article applies to these Hurlcon and Astral Pool heater models, WX75, WX120, HX70, HX120, JX130, JX160, MX125, MX150, MX200, MX250, MX300, MX400, MX500, Viron gas heaters and the HiNRG gas heaters, both Natural gas and LPG models.



What is the Hurlcon F2 error?

The Hurlcon F2 error is a normal error notification from the heater its self advising you that the pool or spa water is too hot. This F2 error is generated from a mechanical hi-limit sensor that is part of the heaters 24v electrical circuit, its a safety feature of the heater to let you know when the water exceeds the set temperature you have set it at. The hi-limit sensors job is to disconnect the electrical circuit and shut down the gas heater operation when it senses water temperature is too hot.

In the first case if this happens the very first thing to do is to check the water temperature itself to make sure the water in the pool or the spa is not too hot. If it is then you need to shut the pool or spa down until the water has cooled.



What causes the F2 error?

In most cases when your water temperature rises above the heater set temperature the F2 error will appear on the digital display and in most cases it will flash. It will flash or display until the water has cooled to the set temperature or below. In normal operation when a spa lets say is set at 35° and then the water pump stops and the water heating up in the heater also stops, that hot water may slowly flow down to the outlet pipe where the hi limit temperature sensor is located. In this case the water temperature will display a much higher temperature, maybe something like 41-49°. This is ok, the heater will not turn on again even if someone turns the water pump back on straight away. The heater wont turn on again until the water temperature drops a degree or so below the set 35° setting. Once the temperature drops the F2 error will disappear and start the heating operation again.


How to fix a Hurlcon heater F2 error

This normally removes itself when the water pump is on and the cooler water passes through the heater, it should then disappear.  In some cases the the F2 error notification keeps displaying, when this happens you will have to unplug the heater power cord from the power point and wait 10 seconds and then plug in again. Now start the water pump again and make sure the water is passing through the heater, turn the heater back on again and look for the F2 error. Performing this operation resets the heater ignition system which can remove the F2 error.

If you have no luck and the F2 error will not remove then you will need to check the hi-limit sensor itself, to see if there is any corrosion on it. It will need replacement as it will be faulty.


F2 Hi-limit sensor locations?

The heater hi-limit sensor is located on the plastic or brass in/outlet manifold where the water leaves the heater, the heater outlet pipe. The manifold is located on the rear or side of the gas heater. The 52° hi limit sensor is located on the right hand side of the manifold, the hot water outlet. Here is an image or a typical hi limit sensor location of a Hurlcon HX and WX gas heater and the Viron gas pool heaters. The JX heaters use the same manifold as the HX heaters so the hi limit is in the same position. The older MX pool heaters have the hi limit located to the very right end of the black plastic manifold. You will see it when you remove the metal cabinet plate.


JX130 & JX160 Gas Heater Sensor Locations



HiNRG Gas Heater Sensor Locations


Ordering Parts

The main part to order that fixes the F2 error is the hi limit sensor which can be found here – F2 Hi-limit sensor

In some cases you may need to replace both hi-limits, heres the link for the 45­° hi limit – F1 Hi-limit sensor

Here is teh brass base plug if you need it – Brass Hi Limit Base

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