Hurlcon Pool Heater Leaking


Why is my Hurlcon gas pool heater leaking? Most pool heater enquiries are for leaking pool heaters. Depending on where this is leaking from will determine if the heater is actually repairable or if the heater needs to be replaced. Our article below outlines the most common causes of gas pool heater leaks. We specifically talk about the Hurlcon MX pool heater range but this can apply to all gas pool heater brands.

Lets look at the 7 leak locations on your Hurlcon MX pool heater. Lets talk about why this happens and how to fix it or is it worth fixing?


Types of Hurlcon Pool Heater Leaks

At some point in time you may see a puddle of water around the base of your pool heater and in most cases you wont see anything leaking from the outside of the heater. This is because most of the pool heater leaks happen within the gas heater itself. You will more than likely have to remove one of the rear, front of side metal panels to investigate and get a closer look at the heater manifolds or heat exchanger its self. Firstly though lets look at the 7 leak locations on the Hurlcon gas pool heater. This is the best place to start so you can pinpoint where the leak is coming from.

Leaking Water Connections –  Union Orings

This is typically the first place to look on the heater, the water pipes that connect to the heater. Its quite common for the heater unions orings to perish over time. You will start to see a drip, drip, drip from the unions. This is a simple fix. You just need to replace the union orings. They come in two sizes – 40mm and 50mm, click here to go to the Hurlcon union orings.



Hurlcon Heater Pressure Switch

Pressure switch leaks are rare but they can happen from time to time. The pressure switch is located behind the top back quarter panel below the in and outlet manifold on the MX heater range, on the left side panel under the manifold on the HiNRG heater range and on top of the in/out let manifold on the Viron gas heater range (it’s actually screwed into the manifold). Check the connection to the small copper tubing it mounts to. If its leaking you will need to remove it and check the joint and seal it with thread tape. If the pressure switch is broken and needs replacement you can click here for order  a new hurlcon pressure switch.



Thermostat Sensor Lead Brass Pocket

On most in/outlet water manifolds there is a thermostat sensor wire that sits in a brass pocket. The brass pocket is screwed into the manifold. The brass pocket would attribute to 20% of the hurlcon pool heater leaks. To check this is simple, like the pressure switch remove the metal panels around the heater in/outlet manifold water connections.  The sensor lead tip is sitting in the brass pocket. It may have a little silicone and a cable tie around it. If water is leaking from this part you will need to remove the and replace both the sensor lead and the brass sensor pocket. You can order the new parts here – sensor lead and brass pocket here.

Hurlcon Pool Heater By-Pass Assembly

The in/outlet manifold that the water pipes are connected to can have a by-pass assembly fitted to it. If this is the case and its leaking from there you will need to remove the top metal panels around the manifold and on the right hand side you will see a black bypass plunger that’s connected into the manifold and held in with 2 stainless steel split pins. There is a yellow or grey oring on the bypass plunger and it is prone to breaking and leaking. Check to see if this is the case and if so you can order the parts here –  new bypass assembly kit complete.

Hurlcon Heater In/Outlet Manifold

Again the black plastic manifold that you see on the rear of the heater is the in/outlet manifold. It is not common but we have seen these split and leak. It is rare but it can happen. In this case you will need to replace the complete manifold. Most MX pool heater manifolds are not available anymore. They stopped manufacturing those some 7 years ago. Your only option is to replace the pool heater. If this is you then you will need to go here –  to get a fast quote. If you have one of the early MX heaters or the HX or JX heaters you can go here to purchase a new manifold – complete hurlcon in/outlet heater manifold. Click here to learn how to replace an in/outlet manifold.

Hurlcon Heat Return Manifold

Heat exchanger adapters are used on the HX and JX pool heaters and are connected to the in/outlet manifold to the brass threaded fittings that are attached to the copper exchanger. These are 2 female threaded fitting that attach to the brass fitting. The adapters have 2 sets of orings on them to seal the in/outlet manifold when it is fitted. It is common that these orings will perish over time and will need replacement. These need to be checked from time to time as when they start to leak they may just start with a slow drip. That could carry one for some time before the oring completely lets go then you will have a waterfall on your hands. Here is the heat exchanger adaptors and adaptor orings you will need to replace.

The return manifolds on the MX pool heaters are not available anymore. They are no longer manufactured. Your only option is to replace the pool heater. If this is you then you will need to go here –  to get a fast quote.



Hurlcon Heater Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the the main copper tubing coil where the water enters cold and then leave hot. Its located directly above the burner tray on the fire box. Heat exchanger leaks are major leaks and generally once this happens you need to way up if the heater is worth repairing or does it need replacement? The heat exchange is located at the top of the heater so when it leaks it leaks down onto other heater parts like the gas valve, the burner tray and down onto the electronics. When that happens, then replacement is required. A new heat  exchanger repair is a costly repair, between $1200.00 – $4500.00.
For HX and JX heat exchanger parts you can go here – new heat exchanger here.  Click here for a new  fast pool heater quote.


What Causes My Hurlcon MX Pool Heater To Leak?

It’s no secret, the most common cause of any gas pool heater leak is the corrosion of the metal parts internally caused by incorrect pool water chemistry. When we talk about pool chemistry we talk about the sanitiser level and water balance, pH and the total alkalinity. These 3 parameters are part of what it takes to have correctly sanitised and balanced water. Is your pool water acidic or alkaline. For a pool the required pH level should be between 7.2 – 7.6 and the Alkalinity should be between 120 – 160ppm. The sanitiser lever should be between 1ppm – 3ppm. When these levels are  not achieved problems will be encountered with the pools surface and equipment, specially your pool heater!

So how does it damage my pool heater? You see your heater has two metals that are in contact with your water, copper in the heat exchanger and brass in the sensor lead pocket or brass in/outlet manifolds. If your pool water is not maintained correctly the water then turns acidic and acidic water loves copper and brass so its the first thing that it attacks. This may happen over a period of time, a small leak develops and turns into a big leak that destroys your heater. Remember, the pool water balance is crucial in the survival of your hurlcon pool heater.

The second most common leak is on a hurlcon pool heater is from the manifold by-pass assembly or the manifold itself. The water manifold and by pass assembly are manufactured plastics. They along with the orings can become worn and they get brittle and eventually break or perish. The bypass assembly is easy to replace see here for the parts, HX and JX models only.

Over time water and chemicals can wear the heaters internal parts. This is why its so important that your heater is serviced and inspected regularly. We recommend a domestic gas pool heater should be serviced at least every 12 months. Commercial and apartment pool heaters need to be serviced every 3 -6 months, depending on usage.

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