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All About Hurlcon Pool Heaters

There are many different bands of gas pool heaters in the market place but its hard not to go past the Hurlcon brand of pool heaters. Hurlcon now know as AstralPool are amongst the world leaders in pool and spa heater technology. Manufacturing in Melbourne since the 1990’s AstralPool Hurlcon is considered to be Australia’s largest pool heater manufacturer and leader in pool and spa heater industry.

AstralPool Hurlcon heaters come standard with

[list style=”check”]
  • Copper-Nickel Heat ExchangersHurlcon Copper Nickel Heat Exchanger
  • Genus Thermostat Touch pad ControlsHurlcon Genus Thermostat Controls
  • Self Diagnostic Monitoring
  • Actual Temperature DisplayHurlcon Genus Digital Display
  • Heat on Demand
  • Electronic Ignition (no pilot light)
  • Marine Grade Powder Coated Cabinets[/list]

Se below for information on the HX, JX, MX and Viron series heaters.


Hurlcon HX Series Pool HeatersHurlcon HX Series Pool Heaters

The Hurlcon HX series gas heaters comprises of two models, the HX 70 and the HX 120. These are the smallest heaters of the Hurlcon heater range. HX heaters are best suited for spas, swim spas, small courtyard pools and plunge pools.

[list style=”check”]
  • Digital Thermostat Display/Controls
  • Compact Design
  • Heat on Demand
  • electronic Ignition (no pilot light)[/list]
  • HX 70 requires 70 megajoules of gas
  • HX 120 requires 120 megajoules of gas


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Hurlcon JX Series Pool HeatersHurlcon JX Pool Heaters

JX Pool Heaters are the perfect gas heaters for today’s higher density housing. With smaller blocks and utility space at a premium the JX wall mount heater has been designed with features like, power flue, small wall mounted chassis together with its slim line design make it the perfect option. You have two sizes in the JX range JX 130 and JX160. Depending on the size these Hurlcon pool heaters could heat your pool within 24 hours.

[list style=”check”]
  • Digital Thermostat Display/Controls
  • Wall Mounted
  • Heat on Demand
  • Available for In/outdoor Applications
  • electronic Ignition (no pilot light)[/list]
  • JX 130 requires 120 megajoules of gas
  • JX 160 requires 155 megajoules of gas


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Hurlcon MX Series Pool HeatersHurlcon MX Pool Heaters

The MX gas range of Hurlcon pool heaters are designed to deliver large scale output from a compact design. With four sizes to choose from the Hurlcon pool heaters caters for the medium to large swimming pools. You have a choice of MX 150, 250, 300 and 400.

[list style=”check”]
  • Digital Thermostat Display/Controls
  • Compact Design
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Fast Heat Up Times[/list]
  • MX 150 requires 144 megajoules of gas
  • MX 250 requires 240 megajoules of gas
  • MX 300 requires 288 megajoules of gas
  • MX 400 requires 350 megajoules of gas


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Viron Series Pool HeatersAstral Pool Hurlcon Viron Pool Heaters

Approximately 10 years in the making, the Viron Gas Pool Heater is the ultimate in pool heater innovation. Using revolutionary technology the Viron Pool Heater saves energy, reducese greenhouse emissions, reduces water consumption in your pool and reduces operating costs.

Viron Pool Heaters have an operating efficiency of 97%. Along with this operating efficiency is a 20% reduction in operating costs over conventional gas heaters.

[list style=”check”]
  • Digital Thermostat Display/Controls
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Reduces Operating Costs Upto 20%
  • Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Swim at any Time[/list]

See the latest in heater inovation here in this video.

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Hurlcon Pool Heaters – Options

Hurlcon Pool Heaters Options

[list style=”check”]
  • Indoor and Outdoor units available
  • Natural or LPG
  • Genus Extended Remote Control
  • Internal Flue and DraftHoods[/list]


AstralPool Pool Heater Warranty

Hurlcon pool heaters come with a limited 5 year warranty, a limited 5 year Pro Rata warranty against defective materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. Read the full warranty details here – AstralPool Hurlcon Heater Warranty


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