Hurlcon Spa Heater Parts Perth

Hurlcon Spa Heater Parts Perth

We know how frustrating it can be when you spa heater suddenly stops working. At HeaterFix we have the largest range of hurlcon spa heater parts in Perth available right here at your fingertips. We carry all the Hurlcon heater parts that are needed.

Our website is constantly being updated, below is some of the popular heater parts categories. You can click through to the parts itself and purchase.

General Hurlcon Heater Replacement Parts

  • Sensor lead
  • Brass sensor lead pocket
  • 45 degree hi-limit sensor
  • 55 degree hi-limit sensor

Hurlcon Thermostat PCB’s

  • HX heater thermostat PCB
  • MX heater thermostat PCB
  • JX heater thermostat PCB
  • Viron heater thermostat PCB
  • HiNRG heater thermostat PCB

Hurlcon Heater Gas Valves

  • HX series gas valves
  • JX series gas valves
  • MX series gas valves
  • Viron series gas valves
  • HiNRG series gas valve


At HeaterFix we are constantly updating our website with the Hurlcon parts list. Should you not see the part your looking for please don’t hesitate in contacting us by the heater parts enquiry form.