Hurlcon Spa Heater Troubleshooting


So your Hurlcon spa heater is not operating correctly, it’s playing up, not heating or it is taking too long to heat? No matter what the problem is with your Hurlcon spa heater read on as we’ve listed the basic Hurlcon heater troubleshooting guides as well as information on how to find the heaters model and serial numbers along with other heater diagnostics that you can carry out before you call you spa heater repairer.

If you have your original Hurlcon heater manual you’ll be familiar with the troubleshooting guides below, if not here they are –  the general Hurlcon Spa Heater Troubleshooting charts. They lists some of the basics, if your problem is not listed then please read on.

h2>Hurlcon Heater Troubleshooting Guides

Hurlcon HX Heater Troubleshooting – (Hurlcon HX Guide)

Hurlcon HX Heater Troubleshooting

Hurlcon JX Heater Troubleshooting – (Hurlcon JX Guide)

Hurlcon JX Heater Troubleshooting

Hurlcon MX Heater Troubleshooting – (Hurlcon MX Guide)

Hurlcon MX Heater Troubleshooting

If you spa heater symptoms are not listed then please read on.


Troubleshooting your Hurlcon Spa Heater

One of the first things you’ll need to do, if you haven’t already,  dig up your spas paperwork, the paperwork you received when you purchased the spa. It will list everything about your spa, where you purchased it from, the date you purchased, the make, the model, how many liter’s it holds and what pump and equipment you have on it. This will help in diagnosing your spa heater problem and give an insight to the spa technician and for ordering any parts that may be required.

Ok, so let’s determine what Hurlcon Spa Heater Model you have. Here’s a list of the Hurlcon heater models;

  • Hurlcon HX70 (Also known as a Wilton 75)
  • Hurlcon HX120
  • Hurlcon JX130
  • Hurlcon JX160
  • Hurlcon MX150
  • Hurlcon MX250
  • Hurlcon MX300
  • Hurlcon MX400

Next we need your heaters serial number – It’s important to record the serial number of your spa heater as this tells us the heater model number, manufacture number and the year date it was made. This is crucial if parts are required.

The serial number is generally not displayed on the outside of the heater unless you have the JX model heater. You will need to remove the front cover and there will be a sticker on the inside panel that display’s the serial number.

Hurlcon HX Heaters Serial Number – Remove the front cover panel that has the touch pad display on it. You will then see the sticker just behind it. (Download HX Heater Manual)

Hurlcon JX Heaters Serial Number – This one will be external on the cabinet side panel, generally on the left side panel. (Download JX Heater Manual)

Hurlcon MX Heaters Serial Number – Remove the front panel and you will see the sticker on the panel behind the gas valve. (Download MX Heater Manual)


Your Hurlcon Spa Heater Start Up Procedure

Next make a note of what your spa heater is doing and what it’s not. Here’s some help in determining what your spa heater is actually doing. As a heater technician we need to know exactly what your heater is doing. This makes it simple in diagnosing the problem and parts required.

When the heater first starts it runs through a series of checks and then starts the ignition process, then the heater lights up and your up and running. How does this process work you might be thinking?

Firstly when you turn the heater mode switch to ON the powers is activated thought the spa heater. The heater then self diagnoses if any errors are present. It checks to see if the water flow is correct, the hi-limit temperature sensors are all ok and within range and it checks the actual water temperature sensor to make sure the water temperature is correct. Then depending on your temperature setting, if the set temperature is higher than the actual water temperature being displayed, then the heater will start its ignition process.

The heater thermostat PCD (front display panel) senses that water temperature is low and sends a signal to the ignition module to activate power to the gas valve and in-turn to the pilot assembly. If all is ok you will hear the ticking of the pilot assembly as it try’s to light and then is lit. The heater temperature sensors are constantly sensing the water temperature in and outlets. When all is working correctly you should have no problems.


Diagnosing Your Hurlcon Spa Heater Problem

The most common problem with spa heaters and why it sometimes wont fire up is due to low water flow. Low water flow means the water flowing thought the heater is insufficient. The heater sensors this and wont turn on. Hurlcon heaters need 150 litres per minute to operate correctly.  So its a good thing to keep that filter clean as much as possible, clean it at least once a week. Remember you have a spa here, hot turbulent water, one person sitting in a hot spa for 30 minutes perspires a pint of perspiration! Clean clean clean those filters.

Another common problem problem is , the mini explosion problem. This is where everything seems to be ok, your heater fires up, you can hear the ignition kick in, the ticking and you hear it a second time and then boom, you hear whats like a mini explosion, the heater might run for 20-40 seconds then goes out and then the process starts again. A number of items can cause this error like, the ignition module, the gas valve, the thermostat pcb, the igniter assembly or even the heater wiring.  This requires a licensed gas heater technician to attend to.

The heater only runs for a short period of time and/or goes to an F2 fault on the display. These are the two most common things that cause this error. If the temperature sensor has corroded it will need to be replaced. The temperature sensor is a pink wire with a brass head on it that sits in the brass sensor pocket located on the heater inlet manifold. Generally you would replace both the sensor lead and brass sensor pocket. The other sensor that can cause this problem is the 45 degree hi-limit sensor thats located on the heater outlet manifold. This to could become corroded and need replacement.

Another problem that can occur is a sooted up heat exchanger. Your asking what is that? This happens when your heater burns gas inefficiently, it’s not getting the required amount of gas pressure so that it burns correctly. If your heater is under or over gassed then it will product carbon that will lodge up in between the copper heat exchanger fins and when this happens you stave the heater of oxygen therefore the heater will sense this and keep shutting down. If this occurs you will need a gas fitter to look and clean the heater (de-soot the heater) and check and set the gas pressure to the correct required pressure

So there you have it. You now know how to self diagnose what heater problem you may have.  Listen to the heater as it tries to fire up and make notes on where it gets to and where it fails. Now ring your spa heater technician or contact us via the form below.


Remember, all gas heater appliances must be inspected and repaired by a licensed gas fitter not an unlicensed pool or spa technician.

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