Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifiers

We all know how great is is to have an indoor pool or to visit your local indoor swimming pool center, for leisure, exercise, swimming lessons or to just spend time with the family. It’s great until that damp chlorine smell hits you in the face! This can be most evident when visiting indoor public pools. Have you ever stopped to think about what that smell is and how harmful it maybe to your health and the surroundings? High humidity levels not only create an uncomfortable environment they can cause a number of other issues.

Solace-Domestic-side  Solace-Domestic-side

The Solace Domestic Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifiers for Domestic Applications

Indoor pools release moisture into the air and this moisture can easily pollute your environment with mold mildew and fowl odors. This can be destructive and corrosive to your pool room surroundings. Moisture can form in extremely hard to clean crevices, building components, fittings and in particular metal and concrete.

Lets not forget how bathers who suffer from allergies or asthma something like a pool room that has a musty odor from mold and mildew and pool chemicals, this could have serious affects on their health!

Have a look at this DewPoint evaluation chart based on a heated indoor pool. The room has an ambient temperature: 30C, Relative humidity: 80%. You can see the dew point will then be 27. You can see the results, aging, mechanical damage, mold and corrosive. See the charts saved results and its not until the ambient temperature is approximately 5C that we can see a drop in the mold, all others are still present.

dehumidifier sizing calculator

Its really important not only for the indoor pool but also for the room the pool is located in, to maintain the correct humidity. A dehumidifier is the solution in helping you maintain the humidity and provide a comfortable environment for your swimmers and your pool room.

How a Pool Dehumidifier Works

The purpose of a Dehumidifier is to remove excess moisture in the air from the indoor pool room and still without loosing the warmth in the room. The warm moist air is drawn through the base of the unit and passes over a cold coil to remove the moisture and chemicals, pollutants caused from pool activity. The air then passes through a hot coil which replaces and increases the heat in the air. The result – warmer drier healthy comfortable clean air.

The Solace domestic series dehumidifier is designed to remove the moisture from the air in the room without losing the warmth contained within.

So what are the benefits?

Warmer, dryer air
Improved air conditions
Reduced running costs
Improved comfort levels
Improved health and safety conditions

Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifier Sizing

Sizing a dehumidifier for your pool is not as tricky as you may think in fact our EvoHeat Solace Domestic dehumidifiers keep it simple. See the Solace specification below.

Solace dehumidifier specifications

The Solace dehumidifier is simple to operate and maintain. Very simple to install with wall mount option and have super quiet operation.


indoor pool room dehumidifiers solace commercial          indoor pool room dehumidifiers solace universal

The Solace Commercial & Solace Universal Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifiers for Commercial Applications

Solace Commercial Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifiers Parameters

solace commercial indoor pool room dehumidifier specifications

*Test standard: dry bulb temperature of 30°C, relative humidity of 80RH% **All specification subject to change without notice


Indoor Pool Room Dehumidifier Price

So what would you expect to pay for one of these dehumidifier units? The domestic Solace dehumidifiers ranges from $5000 to $7000. Commercial dehumidifiers, these units range from $15,000 and go right up to $250,000. Commercial applications require an onsite evaluation prior to providing a proposal.

Pool Dehumidifier Manufacturers

There are many humidifier manufactures out there that supply humidifiers and dehumidifiers but when your talking swimming pools and spas you cant go past the EvoHeat manufacturer a range of domestic and multi-functional commercial dehumidifier systems to suit all needs. Evoheat are specialists in pool heating and dehumidification.

Dehumidifiers for Swimming Pools & for Spas

A dehumidifier should be a requirement on all indoor swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools, indoor spas and basically any pool with a heat pump or gas heating system on it. The energy savings, the air temperature and the removal of chlorine odor (health benefits) will simply astound you.


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