Hurlcon Spa Heaters

Hurlcon spa heaters

Hurlcon Spa Heaters When it comes to spa heaters you can not go past Hurlcon Spa Heaters, and no one knows them better than HeaterFix. We’ve been supplying, installing and servicing Hurlcon Spa Heaters all over the country for over 27 years. When you speak with us you not only get first class service you […]

Hurlcon Gas Heater F1 Error

hurlcon f1 error

Hurlcon Gas Heater F1 Error Solution Guide My hurlcon heater displays the F1 error? Don’t stress it’s generally not a huge problem and it is quite normal for this to happen from time to time. This article explores the F1 error, what is it, why does it happen and how to fix it. This hurlcon […]

Hurlcon Pool Heater Leaking


Why is my Hurlcon gas pool heater leaking? Most pool heater enquiries are for leaking pool heaters. Depending on where this is leaking from will determine if the heater is actually repairable or if the heater needs to be replaced. Our article below outlines the most common causes of gas pool heater leaks. We specifically […]

Hurlcon Gas Heater F2 Error


Hurlcon Gas Heater F2 Error Solution Guide Is your hurlcon heater displaying an F2 error? Don’t stress it’s generally not a huge problem and it is quite normal for this to happen. Below we explore the F2 error, what is it, why does it happen and how to fix it. This hurlcon gas heater F2 […]

Hurlcon Spa Heater Leaking


Why is my Hurlcon spa heater leaking? This is one of the most common calls we get and depending on where its leaking from is going to depend on whether it can be fixed or not? Below we talk about the most common causes of hurlcon spa heater leaks to the HX, WX and JX […]

Pool Heat Pump Buyers Guide


When it comes to extending your pool swimming season without burning a hole in the pocket a pool heat pump is the perfect pool heating system! They are fast becoming the must have pool heating system for Australia pool owners. These yield less operational costs and work best in maintaining the desired temperature, regardless of […]

Hurlcon Gas Heater Parts List


Hurlcon Gas Heater Parts Lists Hurlcon pool heaters have been around since 1997. They have been some of the most popular pool and spa heaters made and made here in Australia. It all started in 1997 with the release of the hurlcon MX 200-400 megajoule range of pool heaters. And in 2000 we saw a […]

Why A Solar Pool Cover Is Needed


WHY A SOLAR POOL COVER IS A MUST REQUIREMENT FOR YOUR POOL As a swimming pool owner, keeping your pool clean and well-maintained should be your first concern. This is essential for keeping you and your family safe in the water. However, it can’t be overlooked that a solar pool cover is a crucial aspect […]

Pool Heating Options


Pool Heating Options – What You Need To Know Everyone wants a swimming pool that they can enjoy throughout the year – even under cold weather conditions. Sadly, when outside temperatures are cold, heat dissipates from the pool water rather quickly. And no one wants to take a dip in freezing water, right? So how […]

Hurlcon Spa Heater Manuals


Are you looking for a Hurlcon spa heater manual? See the range of Hurlcon spa heater manuals below. We have manuals for HX70, WX75, HX120, WX120, JX130, JX160, MX125, MX150, MX200, MX250, MX300, MX400, MX500. Click the heater manual below and it will open to a new browser window. You then have the option to […]

Hurlcon Spa Heater – How To Replace HX Manifold


Are you having problems with your Hurlcon spa heater? Is the in/outlet manifold leaking? There’s a good chance your heater in/outlet manifold may need replacing.Over time the water balance may have affected the heater manifold and some of the internal parts may have damaged beyond repair. Heres some simple instructions on how to replace a […]