Pool Heat Pump Buyers Guide


When it comes to extending your pool swimming season without burning a hole in the pocket a pool heat pump is the perfect pool heating system! They are fast becoming the must have pool heating system for Australia pool owners. These yield less operational costs and work best in maintaining the desired temperature, regardless of the ambient temperature.

Pool heat pumps are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, cost-effective and high-performance.

But before investing in just any heat pump, consider this pool heat pump buyers’ guide to help you make an informed decision:

  • Pool Size

This is one of the primary factors in sizing a pool heat pump for your pool. Correct dimensions of the pool is whats required, the length by width by average depth when calculated with give you the required pool surface area and pool volume in litres. For instance, pools between 30 to 40,000 litres of water could require a 9 to 13 kW heat pump? So its important to get the numbers right, your research must be accurate. Speak to a pool heating professional to get the correct information on this if you are unsure.

  • Budget

Smart buyers start by defining the amount they’re ready to invest. This significantly narrows the search. Usually, pool heat pump prices range between $3000 and $6000. However, these may fluctuate based on the type, purpose, size, efficiency, output, and additional features the heater has.

  • Swimming Season

Considering how long your swimming season needs to be. Pool heat pumps are ideal for daily usage. No matter what the outside temperature is you can use a heat pump all year round. Map out what months of the year you will actually use the pool. Will it be to extend through to Spring and Autumn or do you need to have the pool ready to swim in all year round? And how many people will be using the pool? These are two important factures that need to be considered when sizing a pool heat pump.

  • Temperature Options

The right type of pool heat pump makes the water temperature comfortable for you. Choosing a heater with both heating and cooling options is a game-changer. It allows better control to enjoy a more extended swimming season.

  • Energy-Efficiency

Most pool heat pumps have a C.O.P Coefficient of Performance of at least 6.0. As a general rule, the higher the COP of the heater, the better its energy efficiency. Lower the number, higher your monthly bills may be.

  • Noise Level

Compressor, motor, and fan blades are noisy elements. So, choose a system with an outdoor unit having less than 45 dB noise output. Also, position it on noise-absorbing support and away from the neighbour’s property to further lower the sound.

  • Warranty

Always check the warranty! Purchasing a product that’s backed by a suitable and unmatched manufacturer warranty gives you piece of mind. In case the unit or any of its component malfunctions, you’ll not have to pay for repairs or replacements right out of your own pocket.

  • Support

Customer service is the lifeblood of a business. If the support team performs poorly, it pushes the customers away. So make sure to check the supplier’s customer reviews or give them a call to understand how well they address your queries.

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