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We all know how enjoyable it can be swimming in a pool that’s 28 or 30 degrees compared to a cold pool at 20 degrees.  People heat swimming pools for different reasons, therapy, fitness, relaxation and entertainment. There are many benefits to heating your pool and you’ll see below we give you a rundown on what the three main pool heating systems are and plenty of information to help you decide which pool heater is right for you.

Which Pool Heater Is Right For You?


Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool heating has been around for a long time. I can recall back in the late 80’s when i first started in this industry, there weren’t that many gas heaters on pools, except the commercial pools. Now you are just are more gas heated pools that solar heated pools. We see gas pool heaters incorporating all the latest technologies which make it easy for the end user to for us the technicians to diagnose but …  AstralPool Hurlcon Pool Heaters Reviews

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Pool Electronic Heat Pumps

Electric pool heat pumps, now heres a great alternative to gas and solar pool heating but you need to make sure your have the heat pump correctly sized to your pool by the heater manufacture otherwise you could loose thousands! So whats the benefits of this type of pool heating? How do they operate and what the real cost? “Review Coming Soon”

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Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating has been around for centuries and is still commonly used through out the pool today industry. The solar industry has adapted well to the technology era, you can now have the heater controls art your fingertips! “Review Coming Soon”

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