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We know how frustrating it can be when you heater breaks down. We carry a wide range of heater parts for your swimming pool and spa heaters, see our range below.

Gas Heater Parts – Our range consists of, sensor leads, hi-limits, gas valves, igniter assemblies, burner trays, heat exchangers, in/outlet manifolds, pressure switches, ignition modules, thermostat PCB’s and many more.

Pool Heat Pump Parts – Our range consists of, temperature sensors, hi-limits, compressors, heat exchangers, digital temperature displays, manifolds, barrel unions and more.

Electric Heater Parts – Our availability consists of heater elements, pressure switches, hi-limits, thermostat sensors, heater housings, unions and more.

We support the following brands, AstralPool, Bosch, Davey, Dega, EvoHeat, Fairland, Hurlcon, Onga, Pentair, Poolrite, Raypak, Spa-Quip, Waterco

If your heater part is not listed here simply fill in our heater parts enquiry form below and one of our friendly team will contact you shortly. 

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