Pool heat pumps are the new technology when it comes to heating your pool. Introduced into the market approximately 10 years ago these units have seen some great technological advancement and now are becoming the front runner of pool heating equipment across the country. Their ease of operation their efficiency and many other benefits makes these pool heat pumps the must have heating equipment for your pool. See our range below and contact us for information and price.

Heat Pumps

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  • $3,898.00$8,495.00 Inc. GST

    The Evoheat Force series heat pumps are our high domestic range of pool heat pumps. These are a well build heaters, with quality components and a great compact design these Force series heat pumps provides easy operation with a low level running costs. We have 6 products in the range suiting the domestic to light commercial applications.
    Evoheat Heat Pump Force Models: Force 9, Force 14, Force 18, Force 22, Force 26, Force 26-3
    Optional Upgrades: Smartphone Controller, Dual Speed Fan (Force9-18) & Dual Speed Fan (Force22-26)


  • $2,099.00$3,899.00 Inc. GST

    The Evoheat Fusion series heat pumps are our entry level domestic range of heat pumps. If your looking for pool and spa heating with minimal costs then the Fusion heat pump is for you. Its simple design, ease of use and minimal maintenance makes this the best alternative to solar pool heating.
    Evoheat Heat Pump Fusion Models: Fusion 6, Fusion 9, Fusion 13, Fusion 17

    Optional Upgrades: Smartphone Controller


  • With today’s record energy costs, there’s never been a better time to invest in a heat pump. Compared to gas, oil or electric heaters, UltraTemp® High Performance Heat Pumps use just a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat. In fact, just 25¢ worth of electricity produces $1.50 worth of heat generated by other methods. That means more comfortable water temperatures and longer swimming seasons for you and your family.
    Pentair’s Ultratemp Pool Heat Pump Models: HX – UT9, UT12, UT15, UT17, UT21 and in the VX range we have UT5, UT9, UT12, UT15, UT17, UT21, UT25



  • Introducing the Evoheat CS-GEN2 commercial series heat pumps. The GEN2 is the Hercules of all commercial heaters. No matter the scale of application the GEN2 range has you covered.  With double coiled titanium heat exchangers, V shape evaporators and exclusive tariff timers you could save $45,000 or more per year compared to gas heating!

    Evoheat CS-GEN2 Heat Pump Models: GEN2 95, GEN2 120, GEN2 145, GEN2 200


  • Everything you need in a commercial heater is right here. The Evoheat CS commercial heat pumps are the Hercules of heat pumps. Innovative intelligent commercial pool heating with lower carbon emissions and one touch precision and high end performance.Suitable for, sports and leisure centers, logistics, aquaculture, agriculture, water parks, hotels, resort, apartments and office builds etc.

    Evoheat CS Commercial Heat Pump Models: CS38, CS47, CS57


  • Evoheat DHP-R pool heat pumps are the high-octane, commercial grade pool heat pump. This advanced premium pool heater can save up to 600% more energy efficient compared to other pool heating technologies. With heater outputs of up to 5+kw for every 1kw or paid electricity, this heater will save you thousands over the next decade.

    Evoheat DHP-R Heat Pump Models: DHP 20R, DHP 30R, DHP 40R, DHP 50R, DHP 603R


  • Fairland Inverter Pool Heat Pumps utilise full inverter technology, powered by a fully inverted fan motor, which adjusts the compressor hertz by hertz, and fan speed round by round. The intelligence along with the continuous and optimal efficiency means you can achieve a COP of 70% higher than any other normal on/off heat pump on teh market!
    Fairland Heat Pump Models: IPH35, IPH,45, IPH55, IPH70, IPH 70-3 phase, IPH100-3phase