EvoHeat DHP-R Heat Pumps

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Evoheat DHP-R pool heat pumps are the high-octane, commercial grade pool heat pump. This advanced premium pool heater can save up to 600% more energy efficient compared to other pool heating technologies. With heater outputs of up to 5+kw for every 1kw or paid electricity, this heater will save you thousands over the next decade.

Evoheat DHP-R Heat Pump Models: DHP 20R, DHP 30R, DHP 40R, DHP 50R, DHP 603R



Product Description

Keeping your pool warm even on the colder days is no problem with the Evoheat DHP pool heater. It’s easy to see why the DHP series heaters are one of the most powerful domestic pool heaters on the market, with advanced features including intelligent full colour touch screen controller, a smartphone app controller so you can monitor temperatures and settings, a titanium heat exchange, dual fan speeds and full stainless steel cabinet. This is the choice pool heater you’ve been looking for.

The Evoheat DHP-R pool heaters offer:

Cooling and Heating
C.O.P. as high as 5.4+
Full Colour Touch Screen Controller
Smartphone App Control
Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV)
Automatic Dual Defrosting
Ripple Fin Technology
Titanium Heat Exchange
and many more…
See the brochure and more information below on specifications and warranties.


Save $6,500 or more per year on when compared to gas pool heating.*Based on heating an 80,000-litre pool to 30°C 24/7

Evoheat DHP-R Pool Heat Pump Specification Chart

Evo DHP Specifications

Smartphone App Technologies to easily control the pool heater.

smartphone app

Evoheat DHP-R Warranty


Evo dhp warranty

Additional information

Weight 75-178 kg
Dimensions 680-1015 × 645-735 × 720-1130 mm

DHP 20R, DHP 30R, DHP 40R, DHP 50R, DHP 603R