Viron EVO Gas Heater

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Turn your pool or spa into a warm oasis, when ever you want. The Viron Evo gas heater uses the very latest in revolutionary technology in heating your pool quickly. One of its main features is the heat on demand technology, this will save approximately 20% on operating costs over other conventional gas heaters. You’ll also be reducing the Co2 emmissions as the heater wont have to run constantly. The Viron Evo gas pool and spa heater is available in either Natural or LPG.



Product Description

With 10 years of research and development and revolutionary features that reduce greenhouse emissions, reduce water consumption in your pool or spa and saves you energy which ultimately save you won the operating costs. The Viron heater size is nothing to be sneezed at, its the perfect size heater for small tight spaces. A nice compact sized heater that packs a punch. The Viron Evo heater wont disappoint. It’s available in Natural and LPG gas.

Save up to 20% on operating costs
Reduced Co2 emissions
Condensation produced is collected and returned to the pool
30% – 50% smaller to save space
Maintains a consistent and even temperature.


Viron heater specifications


Viron heater specifications 2

Viron heater specifications 3



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Weight 65 kg
Heater Type

Natural Gas, LPG


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