Spa Gas Heaters

Hurlcon HX Series Pool Heaters

Spa Gas Heaters

There are many gas heaters for spas out there and it can be a bit confusing trying to decide on the right one that fits your spa. Here’s our review on one of the most popular gas heaters on the market today that will comfortably heat up a 3000 litre spa with ease. Introducing the Hurlcon gas spa heaters.

HX Gas Heaters For Spa Heating

Hurlcon Spa HeatersGas heating is the fastest and most economical way to heat you spa. The Hurlcon HX70 or HX120 series heaters provide a low cost solution to the task of pool spa heating along with a range of impressive features.

What Makes Hurlcon Spa Heaters So Good?

  • Copper-nickel heat exchanger
  • Genus touch control thermostat provides a host of intelligent features
  • Optional Remote control from either poolside or in home
  • Actual Temperature Display
  • Desired Temperature Display
  • Self-diagnostic monitoring and display to simplify maintenance and service
  • Safety lock-out in the event of logic failure
  • Electronic ignition eliminates the need for a continuous pilot light, and saves on gas

Hurlcon HX70 v’s HX120

Choosing the right heater is very important. We’ve listed he main features to give you a better idea Lets take a look?

Hurlcon HX70 Spa Heaters

  • Dimensions 720mm High x 320mm Wide x 415mm Depth
  • Weights 21.0 kilograms
  • Great replacement for pre-existing heaters
  • Best suited to a spa volume between 800 – 1500 litres
  • Kilowatt Output – 16
  • Gas supply required to operate – 70 megajoules
  • Typical gas pipe size 15-20mm

Hurlcon HX120 Spa Heaters

  • Dimensions 820mm High x 390mm Wide x 515mm Depth
  • Weights 25.0 kilograms
  • Great replacement for bigger pre-existing heaters
  • Best suited to a spa volume between 1000 – 3000 litres
  • Kilowatt Output – 24
  • Water Flow Required – HX-Fullflow 150-400 LPM, WX-Bypass 60-150 LPM
  • Gas supply required to operate – 102 megajoules
  • Typical gas pipe size 20mm
Spa Heater Options

Both Hurlcon heaters are available as Indoor or Outdoor units and in either NAT or LPG gas. If your property doesn’t have natural gas and you use bottled gas then you would need the LPG version. The HX series heaters have the optional extended remote thermostat should you need to install the digital controls to another location.

Hurlcon’s pool spa heater warranty

The Hurlcon heaters come with a limited 5 year warranty on parts*. 12 months domestic and 6 months commercial on infield labour.


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