Spa Heaters For Spas

Spa Heaters For Spas

Spa Heaters

Chances are if you’ve come across our Spa Heaters webpage your either looking at getting your spa heater repaired or your looking for a price on a new spa heater? Either way you’ve come to the right place. You see we’ve been servicing and replacing spa heaters for the past 20 years so we’d like to think we know a little bit about them.

We’ve seen just about all types of spa heaters. Here’s some brands you may recognize.


Gas Spa Heaters

Bosch, Raypak, Chaffetaux, Dega, Everdure, Aquaswim, Hibiscus, Mini Max, Tropic Isle, Hurlcon, Laars, Hurlcon, Spa Gear and Astral just to name a few.

Electric Spa Heaters

Spa Quip, Waterway, Dega, Onga, Waterco, Poolrite, Spa Net and Balboa.

Solar Spa Heating

Zane, Sunbather, Heliocol, Sunlover or Autumn solar.


As you can see there are many different types of heaters. Some of these spa heaters are unable to be repaired because parts are non available and some of these spa heaters don’t meat the current gas and electrical regulations therefore we are unable to repair them. Your only option may be to replace the existing heater. If you are unsure, drop us an email here and we will let you know what your options are.

Fortunately with the advancement in heater technology we are now able to supply you with the latest in digital thermostat controllers, digital heater timers and the very best electric and gas  heaters available in the market place today.


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BEWARE – Spa heater servicing, repairs and replacements can only be performed by a licensed Gas fitter or licensed Electrician. It is against regulations to use anyone who is not qualified.

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