Why A Solar Pool Cover Is Needed



As a swimming pool owner, keeping your pool clean and well-maintained should be your first concern. This is essential for keeping you and your family safe in the water. However, it can’t be overlooked that a solar pool cover is a crucial aspect of pool that sooner or later, you are going to have to buy. Before investing, however, you need to know everything about solar pool covers. Let’s dive right in!

What is a solar pool cover?

If you are looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to clean and maintain your pool, solar pool covers are an ideal choice! Like regular pool covers, solar pool covers keeps the debris out from the pool water and cuts down on maintenance and it also heats your pool water by exploiting sunlight and reducing the water evaporation. Solar pool covers are available in an array of various types, they all use the sun’s energy to heat the pool water.

There Are Three Types Of Solar Pool Covers –

1. Solar bubble blanket

Just as the name implies, solar bubble covers consists of little thermal bubbles all over it. These bubbles keep your pool water warm and reduce water evaporation. If you are looking for a lightweight, efficient and affordable pool cover, nothing can be more effective than a solar bubble cover.

2. Triple cell solar pool cover

Triple cell solar blankets provides better all-round insulation and is easier to operate than regular cover. Its triple unique cell design protects your pool from chlorine attack and dangerous UV rays.

3. Liquid solar cover

Liquid solar cover, as its name implies, is a chemical additive that comes in the liquid form. Because of its inexpensive and biodegradable nature, you can purchase it for your swimming pool.

Why You Need A Solar Pool Cover?

In addition to heating your pool water, solar pool covers offer some cost-effective benefits. Here are five cost-effective benefits of choosing these types of swimming pool covers.

They prevent evaporation

One of the biggest reasons to choose a solar pool cover is that it minimises evaporation. A blanket can reduce water loss by more than 80%, which can mean significant saving off your water bill, especially in the warmer months.

They are energy efficient. 

It has been observed that gas pool heating systems can be costly purchase and install as well as costly to operate as they uses large amounts of gas. So, you can get a pretty hefty energy or gas bill if you choose gas pool heating. But, with a solar pool cover, you don’t need to worry about high energy bills as it uses no gas or electricity.

Reduce your current pool heating costs

If you already have a gas pool heater, electronic heat pump or solar pool heating system installed on your pool then a solar pool cover is a must for your! Using a solar pool cover to trap the heat in your pool could reduce your operating costs up to 85% per year.

They prevent pool chemical loss.

Water evaporation can reduce pool chemicals. So, you need to replace chemicals more frequently along with water continuously to ensure the perfect balance. But, a solar pool cover can reduce both water evaporation and lose of chemicals. In this way, you can save even more money and time.

They keep out algae & debris from water.

Like a regular pool cover, a solar pool cover keeps out annoying debris, algae and dirt from your pool water. In this way, they can help you keep your pool clean for more extended periods as well as cut down on maintenance costs.

How To Choose The Right One For Your Pool?

As you can see, solar pool covers come in different styles, thicknesses and sizes. So, make sure you choose the one that will be best for your needs. Here are a few features to look for in a solar blanket:

Make sure you buy a cover that is a little larger than your pool size, area
Always look for one with high UV resistance so that the cover will resist damage
Choose a solar pool cover roller mechanism that suits your needs and budget
Hopefully, you now understood everything about solar pool covers – what they are, the types, advantages, and how to choose the right one for your pool.

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