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Solar Spa Heating For Your Spa

Solar Spa Heating, is it right for you? Well using the free energy of the sun to heat your spa is obviously the cheapest way to heat the spa but that’s really it. You see solar heating is great on a pool but not that great on a spa because spas are mainly used all year round, in the evenings when there’s no sunlight.

If your a person who uses the spa in the evening and or the morning you will not be able to generate and sustain enough heat because the suns not out, or lets say you use the spa late in the day but its a cloudy day, same thing, not enough heat? The temperature of a spa needs to be maintained at approximately 36 degrees and the only way your going to be able to do that is with either a gas or electric heater. Don’t get me wrong you’ll get the heat to 36 degrees no problem but that will mainly happen in summer.

Another option you could look at is installing a gas or electric heater as a booster to the solar spa heating system. This would mean that you could run the solar heating during the day and then boost the heat with a gas or electric heater at night via a thermostat controller. This will help maintain the heat.

Installing a booster system will reduce you overall heating costs but the initial cost to setup the solar spa heating system with the gas or electric heater is quite expensive because your virtually paying for two heating systems.


Is Solar Spa Heating Really An Option For Me?


You can see some thought has to go into this. Ask yourself these questions

  • What time of day do i use my spa?
  • How hot do i have the water temperature?
  • Where can i install the Solar Spa Heating?
  • Will I be Able to use my spa all year round?
  • Do i need to install a heater booster system?

Keep in mind should you decide to pursue solar spa heating for your spa you will need to have a solar heating specialist visit your property to see where the heating coils could be installed and how they are going to plumb the solar spa heating into the spas pipework.

There are many types of solar heating systems out there, from all over the world. Contact us and we’ll help you with your solar spa heating requirements.


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